JEE has a single-blind 3-6 months reviewing process, where only the reviewers know the authors' names. 

After the Author upload the article, dedicated Section Editor and Guest Editor are assigned automatically, based on the author's chosen category. The first assessment (Rejected or Good for review) is given by Section Editor after all the minimum required criteria are checked. If the paper does not meet the minimum Journal requirements, it is automatically rejected.

If the paper complies with the minimum requirements, the Section Editor chooses (in general) three reviewers for the peer-review process. Two (2) weeks is the acceptable time for reviewers to accept/decline the invitation, and another two weeks are given for review.  All the reviewers have to fill up a reviewing form consisting of 16 questions about the paper's quality and ethics (10 of them with predefined grades, 3 of them with free speech, and 3 of them with box-to-check option).

Based on the reviewer's recommendation (Accept Submission, Revision Required, Resubmit for Review, Resubmit Elsewhere, Decline Submission), the Editor takes the final decision on the paper, based on the reviewer's comments and Section Editor's Recommendations: accepted without revisions, additional revision required or rejected.

If the paper needs minor or substantial changes the Editor can propose to the Author either to make the additional changes or to resubmit for another peer-review round.  After the article is accepted it goes to the Copyediting, Production, and Publication stages.